About Us


Creacon Systems was founded to help fulfill a critical market need to deliver sophisticated, yet simple-to-manage, software solutions that truly address the day-to-day needs of businesses like yours.

Through our experience working with companies across a wide range of industries, we saw firsthand how existing software solutions missed the mark in one of two different ways. Either these solutions were so complicated that employees resisted using them, or they were so simple and generic that they were of little use in capturing relevant data. To address these shortcomings, companies were often forced to cobble together a mix of old and new software and hardware solutions, which of course would then prove to be a real headache to manage and maintain.

That is how Creacon Systems and our targeted, tailor-made solutions like Guard Center system for the security industry came to be. Our mission is to develop and to deliver software solutions that seamlessly blend effectiveness with ease-of-use, so you can take your company to the next level of efficiency and profitability.




Creacon Systems is a business with a difference: we truly care about our client partners and their success. We are excited at the prospect of building solutions that help them do business better. As part of our process, we listen carefully to what our clients have to say before, during, and after implementation. We are always ready to learn, evolve, grow, and improve for you.

In addition to working directly with our client partners, we maintain close relationships with authorized software resellers, as part of our quest to bringing value to every industry channel. We provide training to help support resellers, and listen attentively to their feedback. With input from both our reseller partners and end users, we continually refine our products to ensure that we fully deliver on the Creacon promise.


Our mission, quite simply, is to create software solutions that help our clients manage critical business tasks better, faster, safer, more efficiently and more profitably.

We hire only the best people, and ensure they have the tools they need to create the best products. We make it our job to stay ahead of the industry curve, through our focus on ongoing learning and continuous improvement.

We believe strongly that balancing functionality with efficiency is the key to creating software solutions that deliver benefits for every stakeholder – your company, your clients, and your staff.